Maya Cointreau is an author and teacher specializing in the holistic health and metaphysical fields. Maya is passionate about all avenues of healing. An avid seeker of truth and knowledge, she is particularly interested in the evolving merger of science and spirituality, and its impact upon healthcare and humanity.

Maya has over 20 years of experience in vibrational healing. She is an Usui Reiki Master attuned in Karuna Reiki and the Iris Healing Method, along with having rigorously studied herbalism, flower essences, polarity therapy, naturopathic principles, homeopathy, crystal healing and aromatherapy. She co-owned and managed Hygeia, a holistic health and metaphysical wellness center for people, for five years and now owns and teaches through Enchanted Realms, a metaphysical center in New Milford, CT which opened in 2012. Her books are published by Earth Lodge™, a company specializing in vibrational healing remedies and publications for body, mind and spirit.

When all her other work is put away and her children are tucked into bed, Maya runs an online short story competition each year with her good friend, Monisha Saldanha Banerjee.  Momaya Press is now in its 14th year and has become a powerful way for aspiring authors to connect with real editors and professionals in the publishing industry.

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