Conversations with Stones

Stones have been here since the beginning of time, watching our planet form among the stars, seeing our earthly plants breath their first breath, cheering us on as we took our first steps. Each crystal has its own unique spirit, and its own driving mission.

Conversations with Stones contains information for connecting with sixty eight high vibration stones. Accompanying each one you will find a message channeled directly from the crystals, followed by its metaphysical uses and a meditation to help you connect to the energy of that stone. You will learn how to use crystal grids for manifestation and visualization, how to form you own Crystal Club, and how to talk to your own stones at home.

Many of the crystals and minerals in this book are quite rare or unusual. Every stone is special, with its own energy signature and message for you, the bearer. Small or large, each one is a powerful tool for connecting with the divine and shifting your vibration.

Conversations with Stones
An Earth Lodge Collection of Crystals for Healing, Meditation and Manifestation
6 x 9″, 276 pages
Copyright, 2016
ISBN : 978-1944396138

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