Equine Herbs & Healing

Equine Herbs & Healing:
An Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness

by Maya Cointreau & E. Barrie Kavasch with Sandra Cointreau (Copyright © 2005)
Foreword by Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM
$19.95 ($7.95 Kindle Edition)

Praise for Equine Herbs & Healing:
“Equine Herbs & Healing is a must-have resource.”
– Equine Wellness Magazine

“A great gift.”
– Natural Horse Magazine

Horses of the past were free to roam on large acreages and commonly sought out the wild herbs and other native medicinal plants they needed to stay properly conditioned. Modern horses rely on their human owners to supply the herbs they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy. The herbalists at Earth Lodge Herbals (www.earthlodgeherbals.com) have brought together years of herbal experience to bring you this Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness: Equine Herbs & Healing, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your horse the natural way.

This informative book teaches you how to combine and use herbs most effectively for your horse’s benefit. Learn what herbs have been used traditionally for which ailments and how to make your own salves, tinctures, braces, and sprays. The authors have included a handy reference table of disorders and their corresponding herbal remedies, as well as online resources and herbal recipes for the barn and home. Equine Herbs & Healing covers horse herbalism in all its forms, from the historical uses of dried herbs to advances in aromatherapy and herbal cancer

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