Grounding & Clearing

Grounding & Clearing: Being Present in the New Age gives you the tools you need to remain a focused and empowered channel for your higher self, allowing you to manifest the reality you desire. In the New Age, we spend much of our time and energy looking for new ways to open the third eye, to heighten our awareness, to ascend to new levels of healing. Many of us use affirmations and the law of attraction to create a more positive future. However, we can only birth our new reality if we also remain grounded in the physical. In order to receive, embody and enact the messages that our higher selves send us, our bodies must be strong and aligned right along with our chakras and our souls. There is no mystery to the grounding techniques detailed in Grounding & Clearing. In this book you will learn techniques to ground in any situation, and to clear negative patterns and energies from your life. You will learn how to ground with prayer, scents, candles, symbols, colors, breath, nature, and more. With regular grounding and clearing, you will remain calm and focused while you free your spiritual gifts.

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