The Mudra Book


Gesturing to God
Mudras for Physical, Spiritual and Mental Well-Being
By Maya Cointreau (2013)
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Mudras are symbolic hand gestures or positions used throughout the world in spiritual and daily practice. Studies show that they have the same effect on the brain as language: when you use a mudra, you are activating a specific thought or intent, and that thought carries energy, working like a radio signal to communicate with God, to All that IS, for fulfillment and manifestation. This book is a pocket guide to the mudras, illustrating over 35 mudras in a joyful and colorful way. Look at them when the mood strikes you, or use them every day. Above all: enjoy them!

Earth Lodge has released Maya Cointreau’s mudra e-book, “Gesturing to God” in print. 84 full-color pages of gorgeously illustrated mudras for physical, mental and spiritual well-being are now available in a glossy, perfect-bound 8.5-inch square paperback that will look wonderful displayed on your coffee table or altar. It is also available formatted for e-readers in full-color.

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