Gesturing to God, The Mudra Book, Now Available in Print!

MudraFRONT8Earth Lodge has released Maya Cointreau’s mudra e-book, “Gesturing to God” in print. 84 full-color pages of gorgeously illustrated mudras for physical, mental and spiritual well-being are now available in a glossy, perfect-bound 8.5-inch square paperback that will look wonderful displayed on your coffee table or altar.

Mudras are symbolic hand gestures or positions used throughout the world in spiritual and daily practice. Studies show that they have the same effect on the brain as language: when you use a mudra, you are activating a specific thought or intent, and that thought carries energy, working like a radio signal to communicate with God, to All that IS, for fulfillment and manifestation.

This book is illustrates over 35 mudras in a joyful and colorful way. Look at them when the mood strikes you, or use them every day. Above all: enjoy them!

Available through Amazon or Createspace.
ISBN 978-1492714132

Vitarka Kalesvara Mushti


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Author Signing at the Enchanted TwinStar Festival June 9th 2013

Maya Cointreau will be signing copies of her newest book, The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide: Life Energy Healing Modalities, Flower Essences, Crystal Elixirs, Homeopathy & the Human Biofield, at the Enchanted TwinStar Festival on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 from 10-3.

Ms. Cointreau’s Vibrational Healing Guide debuted on at #1 in the New Age and Alternative Health categories, and sold over 1,200 copies in its first week.

Join her for a magical day of fun — Admission is FREE for All Ages!

Attractions will include Psychic Readers, Holistic Health Demos, and Hourly Door Prizes. The Festival is being put on by the Enchanted New Age Gift & Toy Shop and the TwinStar Healing Collective at 285 Litchfield Rd. on Route 202, New Milford, CT.

At TwinStar, Lupo Passero will be giving a Backyard Herbalism Talk & Walk at 1pm, while Tracey Fein and Kathy Lalonde will be providing chakra alignments, reiki sessions, elemental balancing, and polarity yoga demonstrations throughout the day. Tarot Readers, Angel Oracles and Psychic Readers will be available for readings next door at Enchanted. Pita Lemstra and Victoria Perrone will be offering chair massage, and free craft tables will be set up where you can make your own magical mojo bags or design an herbal tea to take home.

For more info visit or call (860) 350-3898

To buy your copy now, visit

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