Practical Reiki Symbol Primer

download (1)Are you having a hard time memorizing your Reiki symbols? Would you like to learn some new ones to help expand your energy healing practice?

The Practical Reiki Symbol Primer is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Reiki, whether they are just starting out or moving on to Master level experiences. The workbook presents over 40 elegantly hand-drawn symbols from both traditional Usui and newer Reiki traditions. Using traditional alphabet primer design, the workbook illustrates each symbol with a description of its uses and origins, followed by several practice pages where you can trace and practice drawing the symbol freehand.

Hands-on healing is a natural ability that can be activated and accessed by all humans — sometimes we just need a little extra practice.

Available in Print and E-Book Formats
(Please note that the e-book does not contain the practice worksheets that are in the print edition.)