Shamans Who Work with The Light

ShamanBookFullFINAL72Are you ready to walk a balanced path to self-empowerment?

Start here, now.

Gather the tools and inspiration needed, explore core shamanism and healing techniques from around the globe that can be used heal oneself and the community on multiple levels. Gain a clearer, stronger understanding of your true self: an empowered and integrated lightworker whose soul and physical life is in harmony, shifting the planet into a more positive existence.

Your lessons will include:
The 5 Elements & Directions
Shamanic Journeying & Breathwork
Power Animals & Spirit Guides
Past Lives & Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing & Clearing
Medicine Wheels & Shields
Dreamwork, Lucid Dreaming & Travel
Chakras & Energy Patterns in the Body
Power Songs & Transfigurative Toning
Herbs, Nature Spirits & Elementals
Altars, Objects of Power and more!

Shamans Who Work with The Light
The Power of Shamanic Lightworking to Help You Find Your Truth and Heal the World
Copyright © 2017
5×8″, 270 pages
$14.95  ($6.95 e-book)

Available in Print & for e-readers

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